Samoa Observer, 23rd May 2018

The Nelson brothers were out to enjoy Samoa’s sandy beaches when they came across more than 10 kilogrammes of lithium battery found around the coast of Safata. 

Richard and Stephen were disappointed after uncovering the batteries and took their frustration on social media. 

Richard pointed out that walking along the coast of Samoa; you’ll be seeing white sandy beaches and lush vegetation teaming with life both on the shore and in the sea. 

“This wasn’t the case when my brother Stephen Nelson and I went for a walk hoping for a dip. It was peak low tide so that was a fail in itself, our one chance on our four-day trip to swim in waters we grew up with as children." 

“It’s 20 mins up the coast from a surf resort in Tafitoala is an old church building that still stands and a few graves, according to the friendly manager.” 

According to Richard, turtles use this particular stretch of the coast for spawning their young in the mangroves.  

“And I hate to think of what effect this has had on them. So we ventured out noticing green slimy bubbly sand along the shore." 

“I swear we walked for more than 20 minutes. On the way back, I noticed a large battery in the sand. Then another and another, it was heartbreaking to see." 

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