Historical Pumping Steady State Calibrated Models created for the Bonriki Inundation Vulnerability Assessment (BIVA) Project, used to simulate the processes in groundwater systems in Bonriki, Tarawa Kiribati from January 1997 to June 2014. 3 models are available: Historical Calibrated Model January 1997 - June 2014 - ZIP file 4821KB, Historical Pumping Steady State Calibrated Model Pre-January 1997 ZIP file 411 KB, Historical Steady State Calibrated Model Pre-Pumping ZIP file 94KB.

The Bonriki Inundation Vulnerability Assessment (BIVA) project aimed to improve understanding of the vulnerability of the Bonriki freshwater reserve to coastal hazards and climate variability and change. Improved knowledge of risks to this freshwater resource will enable better adaptation planning by the Government of Kiribati. Lineage Modelling undertaken using SEAWAT 4 model code. This BIVA project was supported by the Pacific-Australia Climate Change Science Adaptation Planning (PACCSAP) programme.

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