An index of indicators of potential structural change of islands due to meteorological and oceanographic processes in the Pacific. This map was derived using island variables such as lithology, area, maximum elevation and circularity. This index helps to quickly identify islands most susceptible to environmental change. Map 2 of 3.

Indicative susceptibility is an indicator of potential structural change of islands from meteorological and oceanographic processes. Potential changes at a whole-island scale are based on the relative differences between the structural characteristics and oceanic setting of islands for a range of variables; including lithology, circulatory, maximum elevation and area. The criteria describing each variable are based on broad-scale information that was readily available or easily calculable.

Scale 1:10,000,000. The other maps in this set are: Sheet 1 - Island types in the Pacific region; Sheet 3 - €˜Geomorphic sensitivity of Pacific Island coasts to future climate-ocean processes€™.

The other outputs from this  project are:

(1) Technical report: €˜Regional Coastal Susceptibility Assessment for the Pacific Islands: Technical Report

(2) Summary report: Regional Coastal Susceptibility Assessment for the Pacific Islands: Summary Report.

This publication was produced under the Pacific-Australia Climate Change Science Adaptation Planning (PACCSAP) programme as part of a Regional Coastal Susceptibility Assessment for the Pacific.

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Patrick D. Nunn, Lalit Kumar, Ian Eliot, Roger F. McLean
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Nunn, P., Kumar, L., Eliot, I. McLean, R. (2014). Regional Coastal Susceptibility Framework for the Pacific Islands. Report prepared for the Government of Australia, Department of Environment. Indicative susceptibility of island types to climate change based on island type, area, maximum elevation and circularity - Sheet 2 of 3.
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