Based on three data sets, the deforestation on Santo Island, Vanuatu, was assessed for 2007-2010. According to the results at this stage, 4,584 ha have been deforested during the 3 year period corresponding to an annual deforestation of 1,528 ha/yr, which appears very high compared to a rate of 467.8 ha/yr for the whole of Vanuatu reported for the period 1990 to 2000 (Herold et al. 2007).

The spatial distribution shows, that most of the deforestation occurred in the agricultural area around Santo’s capital Luganville in the Southeast, between the villages Ipayato and Viase in the Southwest, and in the Northern part of the west coast.


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2 013
Joerg Seifert-Grenzin (MesaConsult)
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