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The $5.3 billion Clean Technology Fund (CTF), is a funding window of the CIF. It is empowering transformation in middle income and developing countries by providing resources to scale up the demonstration, deployment, and transfer of low carbon technologies with a signicant potential for long-term greenhouse gas emissions savings.
Global Funding Allocation (Donor Currency)
USD $5.3 billion
Global Funding Allocation (USD)
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Financing Modality
Contact Details
Gevorg Sargsyan - [email protected]
Application Procedure
Public Sector 1. MDBs‘ jointly assess interested eligible countries‘ investment potential to meet CTF investment criteria (above); 2. Where there is a potential fit, MDBs conduct a joint exercise involving other relevant development partners, to discuss with interested governments, private industries and other stakeholders how CTF may help finance scaled-up low carbon activities; 3. Under the leadership of the recipient country, an investment plan (essentially the MDBs‘ ―business plan‖) is produced; and 4. CTF Trust Fund Committee reviews the investment plan with a view to endorsing a resource envelope for programs/projects and authorising designated MDBs to proceed with development and preparation of individual investment operations for CTF co-financing. Private Sector 1. Private sector proposals are submitted in the form of either a. individual large-scale projects (―ProjectII); or b. program envelopes which aggregate several small and medium sized projects each utilising less than US$50 million of CTF funds and all having a shared focus and objective (―Programs‖) 2. Proposals explain how the Projects and Programs are expected to contribute towards the objective of achieving transformational outcomes in a sector, sub-sector, country, sub-national region, sub-region, or region while demonstrating that these outcomes would not be possible without support from the CTF.
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