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The $785 million Forest Investment Program (FIP), a funding window of the $8.1 billion Climate Investment Funds (CIF), supports developing countries’ efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and promote sustainable forest management and enhancement of forest carbon stocks (REDD+). The FIP is active in 8 pilot countries.
Global Funding Allocation (Donor Currency)
USD $785 million
Global Funding Allocation (USD)
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Gerhard Dieterle - [email protected]
Application Procedure
Pre-Programming Phase FIP-Sub Committee (FIP-SC) to agree upon number of country or regional pilots and criteria for country selection; CIF Administrative Unit, through MDBs to inform countries and invite expression of interest; Selection of country or regional pilots by FIP-SC based on Expert Group Report; and Selected countries invited to confirm interest to participate (and identify a focal point and establish their nationallevel multi-stakeholder steering committee). Programming Phase Country-led joint MDBs mission to assist the development of Investment Strategy. Endorsement of Investment Strategy by FIP-SC followed by further development of programs/projects concepts. Preparation of FIP investment programs and projects. Decision(s) on financing for programs and projects by FIP-SC. Further processing of projects in accordance with MDB procedures, including final approval.
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