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The overall objective of GFDRR is to enable developing countries to reduce their vulnerability to natural hazards and adapt to climate change. Another objective is to encourage mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in country development strategies by supporting a country led and country managed implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action. For a list of past and current projects see
Global Funding Allocation (Donor Currency)
USD $603 million cumulative contributions as at October 2016
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Milen Dyoulgerov - [email protected]
Application Procedure
Through the GFDRR website for all Non-World Bank Organizations for Tracks I&II. The following selection criteria apply: i) Consistency with the GFDRR Mission: All activities must be consistent with the GFDRR‘s overarching objective of mainstreaming DRM and assisting sustainable development. ii) Government commitment: There must be clear evidence of country ownership of country specific activities. iii) Donor Coordination: Must be undertaken in a way that promotes effective coordination with the activities of GFDRR Partners. Country specific activities must not conflict with World Bank programs and other donors.
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