Anglicantaonga, 14th February 2018

For the young people of All Saints Fasi, in Nuku'alofa, Cyclone Gita was a test of lessons they'd learned in May last year. 

At 6pm last Sunday evening, the young people of All Saints Fasi in Nuku'alofa gathered in church. But their gathering was no routine Sunday thing. They hadn't come to sing, pray and worship the Lord.

No: they met instead to fine tune their plans to reach out to those they knew would be most vulnerable to the tempest which was about to strike them.

They knew just who they had to target, and where they needed to head – thanks to training they'd received back in May 2017: training which taught them how to map their community using GIS, or geographic information systems, and how to do "Community Integrated Vulnerability Assessments".

They'd already identified 22 homes in their neighbourhood which they deemed least likely to ride out Cyclone Gita's winds.

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