Fiji Times, 7th September 2018

BANGKOK, 07 SEPTEMBER 2018 (DEVEX) — Environment and energy delegates from around the world continue to parse over the Paris Agreement on climate change text this week — and experts hope to see far more varied financial tools brought to the negotiation table as a result.

Developed countries tout the insurance sector as a critical piece in the global effort to help developing countries cope with climate change-induced weather, which destroys crops and displaces communities every year. But the hyperfocus on insurance as the solution to climate impacts is too narrow, and discounts a host of other options to address the issue, explained Julie-Anne Richards, climate expert and co-author of new report “Not a Silver Bullet.”

New Paris climate agreement proposal would ‘let rich countries off the hook,’ activists say

A new submission from the United States, Japan, and Australia has cast doubt that Bangkok negotiations will deliver the clear, streamlined Paris accord text U.N. leaders have been calling for this week.

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