The Pacific iCLIM project were invited to present at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji to postgraduate students studying EV420 Research Project in Environment, a specialized focus on Climate and Disaster Resilience Monitoring and Evaluation in the Pacific Islands.

The iCLIM team presented on the Adaptation Project Tool (https://apt.pacificclimatechange.net/)  and the Climate Finance Navigator (https://cfn.pacificclimatechange.net/) which were available on the Pacific Climate Change Portal (https://www.pacificclimatechange.net/ ) aimed to assist in project planning and accessing climate finance. Feedback from the students were positive and very supportive of the tools as it will help them with their research.

 In providing feedback on the Adaptation Project Tool, students noted that it was a ‘helpful tool that was useful and easy to follow’. Notably, students also noted that the APT provided an effective foundation to structure discussions with donors and project partners.’

Mr. Patrick Pringle of Climate Analytics based at SPREP also facilitated sessions relating to adaptation monitoring and evaluation and connecting it to the students’ research paper.  Mr. Pringle will continue to provide support to the students throughout the duration of the course.

All presentations were well received by the students and to conclude, Dr. Patrina Dumaru, Lecturer and Mentor for the course, thanked the iClim Team for giving a detailed overview of the portal and tools that would benefit students interested in climate change related topics and for investing in the academic journey of the Pacific people.

The Pacific iCLIM project is a DFAT funded project jointly implemented by SPREP and Griffith University.

For more information, please contact: Emma Arasi ([email protected]) or Makelesi Gonelevu ([email protected])