4th March 2018 Fiji Times Online

"Tou qito (let's play)," we heard a child say, as her voice echoed across the village lawn of Vunisavisavi in Cakaudrove.

Echoes of laughter and excitement charged the atmosphere as children played and enjoyed the beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon by the shore.

Their exhilaration and thrill in enjoying their friendship did not hint at the impacts of climate change they are facing at Vunisavisavi Village.

Oblivious to international concerns and all forms of bureaucratic assistance directed towards them as a result of rising sea level, these children portrayed a perfect image of innocence.

Innocent from man's deeds of development earthmoving works, innocent from manufacturing industries and pollution generated in the midst of nature and innocent from decision making processes that have affected the eco system in one way or another.

For these children, the village lawn is their only playground but has been turned into swampy piece of land will remain a cherished memory of their childhood.

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