3rd March 2018 Samoa Observer

PR - Prior to the establishment of the locally managed Independent Water Supply, Matafa’a residents depended on its coastal springs as their sole water source.

Despite the springs’ vulnerability to surface runoff and debris during rainy days, these conditions are exacerbated by the impacts of climate change and climate variability. 

The village of Matafa’a has been faced with the problem of unsafe and unclean water for more than 20 years. With the increasing intensity and frequency of rainfall periods, the magnitude of flood events that will likely to affect Matafa’a’s water supply will further escalate the unsafe condition of water for household use. 

Similarly, water supply is limited during drought periods as the rate of ground water reservoir replenishment prolongs.     

Ali’i ma Faipule of Matafa’a then proposed a project to C.S.S.P. to provide 19 water tanks to address this issue.  

The water tanks include water-harvesting systems to ensure clean rainwater is available for use by the families of Matafa’a.

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