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New Zealand’s new government is considering creating a visa category to help relocate Pacific peoples displaced by climate change. | 01-Nov-2017
Nauru is best known to most Australians as the remote Pacific island where asylum seekers who arrive by boat are sent. What is less well known is that in the 1960s, the Australian government planned to relocate the entire population of Nauru to an island off the Queensland coast. | 19-Aug-2016
SANDBAGS SURROUND THE Majuro airstrip while hurriedly-built bridges span flooded sections of road, and many Marshall Islanders have built seawalls to protect their homes on this remote nation in the Pacific Ocean. | 08-Jul-2016
Last month, the schools closed on a group of islands off Papua New Guinea’s coast. Climate change has claimed their crops, and large portions of the low lying atolls. A square meal is increasingly rare. | 25-Apr-2016
A man from Tuvalu has become the latest person from the Pacific to argue climate change factors should be considered in his bid for refugee status in New Zealand. | 30-Mar-2016

It seems like the general consensus has turned a corner about climate change.

| 24-Feb-2016

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