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On Wednesday 24 April, excited members of the Nanikai community gathered to their community hall in Tarawa atoll, Kiribati to participate in the New Zealand Pacific Partnership | 04-Jun-2019
Global average temperatures continue to break records.  While February, 2016 still holds the record for being the hottest month, March 2016 was the hottest March on record, and marks the 11th month in row that the global monthly temperature record has been broken. | 28-Apr-2016
The island of Kiritimati is one of the world’s most remote places — one of several dozen atolls making up the tiny island nation of Kiribati, a speck in the Pacific Ocean more than a thousand miles south of Hawaii. But, isolated as it is, news of its devastated coral is turning heads around the world. | 22-Apr-2016

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