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Fiji Sun Online, 10th November 2018
Transport is one of the fastest growing carbon emitting sectors in Fiji. Speciafically in the land and maritime sectors.
| 14-Nov-2018
Fiji Times, 2nd November 2018 | 05-Nov-2018
Samoa Observer, 27th October 2018
The first year of Samoa’s national carbon offsetting programme through tree planting is coming to a close in December and Samoa Conservation Society (S.C.S.) is excited to continue the scheme into the future.
| 30-Oct-2018
Fiji Sun Online, 19th October 2018 | 22-Oct-2018
Government of Tonga Website, 18th October 2018 | 22-Oct-2018
Clean Technica, 21st August 2018
A new Tesla video titled “Tesla Powerpack in Samoa” offers an uplifting message about the power and promise of renewable energy in the world’s most remote regions. American Samoa has long been dependent on diesel power for electricity generation, but the territory is beginning a transition away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy independence.
| 03-Sep-2018
Fiji Times, 7th August 2018 | 08-Aug-2018, 27th June 2018 | 26-Jul-2018
Scoop World, 27th June 2018 | 26-Jul-2018
Fiji Times, 24th May 2018 | 10-Jul-2018, 18th May 2018
Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters today announced the government has agreed to a long term approach to assist Pacific Island states in meeting the challenges of climate change.
| 10-Jul-2018
Renewables Now 24th April 2018
Trading of Fiji’s first international sovereign green bond has started on the London stock exchange (LSE) last Wednesday, according to an official announcement.
| 01-May-2018
Papua New Guinea, Post Courier 19th April 2018 | 27-Apr-2018
RNZ 9th April 2018 | 11-Apr-2018
17th March 2018 Fiji Times Online
GREEN bonds issued last year by the central bank in a bid to finance the government's climate change resilience works continues to receive praise.
| 06-Apr-2018
16th March 2018 RNZ
New Zealand's Foreign Minister says the government is going to put its money where its mouth is in terms of aid to the Pacific.
| 06-Apr-2018
Scoop World 21 February 2018 | 23-Feb-2018
Eight Pacific Island countries were represented at the | 28-Jul-2017

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