This document was developed by the Pacific iCLIM Project and SPREP, in consultation with Fiji, Tonga and
Vanuatu Government representatives working in the areas of environmental management, climate change
and disaster risk management. Regional development and information management experts from
organisations in the Pacific region including SPREP, SPC, GIZ, PARBICA, UNDP and USP were also consulted.

The purpose of this document is to guide the development of strategic frameworks for managing data,
information and knowledge relevant to sustainable development and the related areas of climate change
and disaster risk management. This guidance is for governments, agencies, regional bodies and other
organisations in the Pacific region. Summary advice on key information management issues is provided as an

In addition, these framework guidelines are accompanied by a set of guidelines that provide greater
direction on selected information management topics and practices.

This document is part of the Information and Knowledge Management for Climate Change (IKM4CC): Complete Set.

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2 016
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Copyright Griffith University and SPREP, 2016. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License,
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Griffith University and SPREP 2016, Information and knowledge management for climate change (IKM4CC) strategic framework: guidelines for the Pacific region. Brisbane, Griffith University.
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