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PACAM provides grants to civil society organizations (CSOs) to reduce long-term vulnerabilities associated with climate change and to provide additional “co-benefits.” Resources for managerial and financial capacity-building are also provided to CSO grantees, so as to ensure the sustainability of their efforts and improve their ability to access and manage funds from other donors.
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USAID/Pacific Islands Sharon Gulick Annex 2 Building, U.S. Embassy 1201 Roxas Boulevard, Ermita Manila, Philippines [email protected] Phone: +63 2 301 6000 Program Head Office Chief of Party: Peter F. Collier [email protected] Phone: +63 2 834 6619 Melanesia Regional Office Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Regional Fund Manager: Junne Cosmas [email protected] Polynesia Regional Office Suva, Republic of Fiji Regional Fund Manager: Praveen Lata [email protected] Micronesia Regional Office Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia Regional Fund Manager: Lara Studzinski [email protected]
Application Procedure
PACAM is a five-year, USAID grant facility that provides awards through an open and competitive basis to non-sovereign CSOs, including local, national, and internationally-operating entities. The Fund supports grantee projects that assist Pacific Island communities to adapt to the negative impacts of climate change and provide co-benefits or solutions to other development challenges, such as livelihood enhancement, improved health, food security, water availability, ecosystem conservation, and better governance. The Pacific-American Climate Fund encourages the development of innovative adaptation measures that can be replicated and scaled-up at the community level. Special consideration is given to climate change interventions by female community members, or those that create opportunities for women’s economic participation. The grantee selection process begins with the submission of project concept papers from interested CSOs to the PACAM Administrative Office. CSOs with promising concept papers are then invited to develop these into full proposals for review. The Pacific-American Climate Fund works in tandem with the CSOs to ensure proper grant implementation and reporting in compliance with USAID guidelines and procedures. In this manner, CSOs “learn by doing” and strengthen their internal capacities. Improved proficiency in grant management will enable these organizations to eventually scale up their climate change adaptation efforts, collaborate with other organizations, and engage in more complex projects, including public-private partnerships. The grant facility will also capture and disseminate best practices and lessons learned to a variety of stakeholders, including those at the community level. PACAM activities are conducted in coordination with U.S. Government partners, including U.S. Embassies, the Peace Corps, and implementers of other USAID activities in the Pacific Islands.
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