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Build the resilience of the Pacific Island communities to adapt to the negative impacts of climate change by improving the quantity and quality of information on climate change impacts and resilience strategies, and by increasing transparency in natural resource management and climate change adaptation policies and policy-making.

Project Summary

The environmental challenges and climate stressors facing the island nations of the Pacific are numerous and serious, with ecosystems already showing the effects of climate change. The region is home to coastal settlements and ecosystems such as mangroves, coral reefs, and seagrass beds that are highly vulnerable to natural phenomena such as storms, cyclones, and tsunamis. The climate change impacts on these coastal ecosystems are significantly affecting livelihoods as the region relies heavily on industries such as tourism, fishing and agriculture. At-risk groups bear the brunt of climate change typically have the least influence over how to respond as their voices are rarely a significant part of the dialogue.

With a grant from the Pacific-American Climate Fund (PACAM), Internews-Earth Journalism Network will equip the local media in Samoa, Fiji and Vanuatu with skills and knowledge to build and improve the reporting of climate change impacts and resilience strategies to enable the communities to make well-informed decisions and take effective action on the climate change issues affecting them. The grant will also support increased transparency in natural resource management and climate change adaptation policy-making process, thus contributing to better governance.

Working with local media, the project will highlight the human dimensions of climate change in the region, and amplify the voices and concerns of the most vulnerable and marginalised people. This project will address people’s lack of access to and understanding of data that show potential and real impacts of climate change and which could better inform adaptation and relief strategies. Internews’ innovate GeoJournalism tools and technologies will provide a platform for the local media to reach a broader audience and for journalists to connect with peers and climate change experts.

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