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Without the appropriate systems in place, the impacts of climate change on vulnerable sectors and communities are  to a large extent unforeseen, and the frequency and intensity of climate related hazards unpredictable. Therefore, an effective early-warning system must be put in place immediately, to respond to the threat of each hazard and to ensure vulnerable sectors and communities have the information they require. The implementation of effective early warning systems would significantly assist Samoa to carry out appropriate and sustainable sectoral and community activities to adapt to and hence minimize adverse impacts of climate change.

Project Status
Start Date
Monday, December 3, 2012
End Date
Monday, December 3, 2012
Project Type
Project Scope
Project Objectives
1) To upgrade technical early warning systems and associated technical capabilities to monitor and warn against climate and extreme events;
Project Actions
1) Increase resilience of village communities from tropical cyclones.
Project Activities
1) TROPICAL CYCLONES: Establish and install infra-red weather radar, real time high-resolution satellite imagery, weather radio frequencies for pubic and mariners, meteorological research.