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Monday, February 6, 2023
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Monday, February 6, 2023
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The report, “Freshwater under Threat – Pacific Islands”, written by David Duncan, Regional Environmental Engineer at SPC SOPAC’s Water and Sanitation Programme, found that the almost total reliance on rain-fed agriculture across all islands puts economies and livelihoods at risk. Nearly 10% of deaths of children under five in the region are attributable to water related causes; 90% of these deaths, according to the report, can be traced to poor sanitation treatment systems“The challenges facing the region in terms of freshwater resources are immense. Many of these islands have limited water resources, not to mention human, financial and management resources.
The report cited water management as one of the greatest challenges to water resource vulnerability, particularly the limited technical and governance capacity partly due to the high emigration of its skilled and educated workers. All Pacific Islands are struggling with Integrated Water Resources Management capacity, according to the report, with only Samoa and Nauru having IWRM policies. These challenges—which are likely to be aggravated by climate change-- will require innovative approaches and tailoring solutions that take into account the complex geographical and socioeconomic constraints of each island. There is no one solution and would need a mix of policy intervention and preferred management measures.
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