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  1. In Fiji: Monitoring sea level and rainfall volume; raising awareness through non-governmental organizations and government agencies; education awareness; integrated coastal watershed management initiatives; waste disposal management; and corporate carbon reduction initiatives.
  2. in Papua New Guinea: Review of current building codes; capacity building of local governments; mitigation measures to reduce land erosion and solid waste management; and education awareness.
  3. In Samoa: Capacity building on climate risk manaement, policy planning and knowledge sharing.
  4. In Vanuatu: Provide information on their project's objectives to the National Advisory Committee on Climate Chnage (NACCC) for cooperation and integration with the national and local governments and international stakeholders; conduct assessments on climate risk and mitigation initiatives; introduce climate change to existing plans and strategies; educational awareness on climate change, literature review on recent studies and commitments on rapid urbanization.
Project Status
Start Date
Tuesday, June 1, 2010
End Date
Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Short Title
Project Type
Project Scope
Project Objectives

This initiative aims to strengthen the climate change response of cities and local governments. The main objectives are to: promote active climate change collaboration between local governments and associations; to enhance policy dialogue on climate change; to support local governments in preparing climate action plans; and to foster awareness, education and capacity building.