StatusDescriptionTotal Funding
Intra-ACP GCCA+ Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change and Resilience Building (PACRES)Current PACRES aims to ensure better regional and national
Climate Risk & Early Warning Systems Pacific SIDS Project (CREWS Phase 1 & 2)Current The project will focus on building the capacity of communities to apply the rich information produced by the National Meteorological Services (NMHSs) on an hourly, daily to monthly basis for decision making.
Sustainable Energy Development ProjectCompleted The development objective of the Sustainable Energy 34000000
The Project for Capacity Building on Climate Resilience in the Pacific (CBCRP-PCCC)Completed Summary 
Intra-ACP Climate Services and Related Application (ClimSA) in the PacificCurrent Goal: To support the
Pacific Resilience Project II under the Pacific Resilience ProgramCurrent The objective of the Second Phase of Pacific Resilience Projects in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) is to strengthen
Climate and Oceans Support Programme in the Pacific: Phase 2 (COSPPac 2)Current COSPPac works with Pacific Island stakeholders to analyse and interpret
Climate Information Services for Resilient Development Planning in Vanuatu (Van-KIRAP)Current The project will be delivering science to better prepare Vanuatu’s policy makers and public for a changing
Technology Needs Assessments - Phase III (TNA Phase III)Completed Provide participating countries targeted financial and technical support to prepare new or updated and improved TNAs, including Technology Action Plans (TAPs), for prioritized technologies that reduce
Preparation of Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) to the 2015 Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)Completed Nine countries prepare and submit intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs) to the 2015
Umbrella Programme for Biennial Update Report to the United National Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)Completed To support thirty nine (39)
Building Robust and Reliable Data Monitoring InfrastructureCompleted103,168
Regional Pacific Nationally Determined Contributions Hub (NDC Hub)Current Background2,172,500 EUR
Umbrella Programme for National Communication to the UNFCCCCurrent The project will provide financial and technical support for the preparation of National
GEF SGP Sixth Operational Phase- Strategic Implementation using STAR Resources, Tranche 2 (Part IV)Current To support the creation of global environmental benefits and the safeguarding of the global
GEF SGP Fifth Operational Phase - Implementing the Program Using STAR Resources IICurrent Global Environmental Benefits secured through community-based initiatives and actions
Fifth Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Program - Implementing the program using STAR resources ICurrent Global Environmental Benefits secured through community-based initiatives and actions
Youths as Agents of Change: Marine Environmental Awareness in Kimbe BayCurrent Objectives To support the protection of Kimbe Bay’s abundant biodiversity from the effects of 174,785
Managing Fire to Conserve Biodiversity and Reduce Climate VulnerabilityCompleted Objectives300,000
Scaling Up Women's Participation in Mangrove ManagementCompleted Objectives Empower women to actively participate in conserving and rehabilitating mangrove forests and farm food/income resources within their natural habitats.266,255
Engaging Communities and Government in Biodiversity Conservation and Climate AdaptationCompleted Objectives To promote biodiversity conservation and resilience through community engagement processes that identify ecosystem services and impacts from 294,945
Pacific Islands Greenhouse Gas Abatement Through Renewable Energy Project (PIGGAREP)Completed The global 5250000
Securing Community Water Resources ProjectCompleted  The water resources of Samoa have encountered many disastrous and difficult situations as a direct result of climate change.505000
Carry out agrobiodiversity case study in Pukapuka to record baseline agrobiodiversity as well as community observations regarding the climate and crop performanceCompleted
Climate Early Warning System ProjectCompleted Without the appropriate systems in place, the impacts of
South Pacific Sea Level and Climate Monitoring ProjectCompleted ESTABLISHMENT, Phase I: July 1991 to June 1995: 11 SEAFRAME (Sea Level Fine Resolution Acoustic Measuring Equipment) monitoring stations were established at Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Papua New Guin
Vanuatu Climate Change Adaptation ProjectCompleted This UNDP-supported, GEF-LDCF funded project, "Vanuatu Coastal
Institutional Strengthening in Pacific Island Countries to Adapt to Climate ChangeCompleted The goal of the regional project is to strengthen the national institutional capacity of countries to effectively plan for, coordinate and respond to the adverse impacts of
Climate and Oceans Support Program in the Pacific Completed COSPPac works with Pacific Island stakeholders to analyse and interpret
Pacific Adaptation Project Completed Institutional Strengthening in pacific islands countries to adapt to
Economy-­wide integration of climate change adaptation and disaster risk management to reduce climate vulnerability of communities in SamoaCompleted This project aims to enhance a more efficient integration and management of $12,322,936
Enhancing the Resilience of Tourism Reliant Communities to Climate Change Risks ProjectCompleted The objective of the project is to enhance the resilience of tourism-­reliant communities to
Improving the Performance and Reliability of Renewable Energy Power Systems in SamoaCompleted The primary objective of the IMPRESS project preparation grant is to design and develop a full size GEF- approved project document.
Finnish-Pacific Project to Reduce Vulnerability of the Pacific Island Countries' livelihoods to the effects of Climate Change (FINPAC)Completed The FINPAC Project will be unique in its staged approach, coverage, focus and linkages across its suite of activities linked from NMS at the national level to users at the community levels.
European Union Pacific Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Sustainable Energy and Climate Change AdaptationCompleted Background
Vanuatu Certificate 1 Level 1 Training Module on Climate Change & Disaster Risk ReductionCompleted
Strengthening the Resilience of Our Islands and Our Communities to Climate ChangeCompleted Description
ACP-EU Building Safety & Resilience in the PacificCompleted The project's purpose is to strengthen the capacity of PICs to address existing and emerging challenges with regard to the risks posed by natural hazards and related disas20976055
Global Programme on Human Mobility in the Context of Climate ChangeCurrent Human mobility is the umbrella term to describe changes of residence, and encompasses migration, displacement and (planned) relocations.
EU Adapting to Climate Change and Sustainable EnergyCompleted The ACSE programme will help the 15 Pacific ACP countries (Cook Islands, East-Timor, Fiji, Kiribati, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of the Marshall Isla38306972
Implementing a ‘Ridge to Reef’ approach to protect biodiversity and ecosystem functions in TuvaluCurrent The proposed R2R project focuses on the conservation of the natural
Pacific Risk Resilience ProgrammeCompleted PRRP is led by government agencies and also involves private sector in four participating countries - Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu.
Republic of Korea: Pacific Islands Climate Prediction Services ProjectCompleted The ROK PI CLIPS is a project that will provide nationally-tailored seasonal
USAID Adaptation to Climate Change (Abaiang, Kiribati)Completed The Government of Kiribati is leading a 'whole-of-island' integrated approach to
Pacific iCLIMCompleted1,900,000
Coping with Climate Change in the Pacific Island Region (CCCPIR)Completed14000000
Pacific Voices in Unison - GIZ COP23 Youth Video ProjectCompleted Watch Pacific Voices as they share their journeys of resilience against the changing
Pilot Program for Climate Resilience - Pacific Regional TrackCompleted3160000
Development of a DRM Web Search ToolCompleted20000
ACP-EU National Disaster Risk ReductionCompleted The ACP-EU Natural Disaster Risk Reduction (NDRR) Program was launched in 2011 as an initiative of the ACP Group of States, funded by a EUR 54.5 million 58511180
Pilot Programme for Climate ResilienceCompleted Pacific developing member countries (DMCs) are generally dispersed and remote, with fragile environments, small and scattered populations, and face similar challenges.9717500
Strengthening the Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing in the Cook IslandsCompleted The objective of Nagoya Protocol is the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from the utilization of genetic resources, including by appropriate access to genetic resources and by appropriate transfer of relevant technologies, taking into account all rights over those resources and to technologies, andby appropriate funding, thereby contributing to the conservation of biological
Integration of Climate Change Risks and Resilience into Forestry Management in SamoaCompleted Integration of Change Risks and Resilience into Forestry in Samoa (ICCRIFS) project aims to increase the resilience and adaptive capacity of Samoa’s forest areas dependent communities to the threat of
Enhancing Resilience of Coastal Communities of Samoa to Climate ChangeCompleted
Strengthening Resilience of our Islands and our Communities to Climate ChangeCompleted Objectives: This programme’s objective is to strengthen the ability of Pa Enua, and all Cook Island communities, to make informed decisions and manage anticipated 5381600
Kiribati Adaptation Program Phase III - Increasing Resilience to Climate Variability and HazardsCompleted10800000
WACOP Changing Waves & Coasts in the Pacific Completed
USAID - Pacific Islands Coastal Community Adaptation ProjectCompleted Background: Responding to challenges posed by
Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Project Preparation Facility Completed
Global Climate Change Alliance: Pacific Small Island StatesCompleted The Global 14,750,000
Pacific Climate Change Science Program (PCCSP)Completed The Pacific 20,000,000
Pacific Ozone Depleting Substances ProjectCompleted The Montreal Protocol (MP) sets a timetable for phasing-out of a number of ozone depleting substances (ODS) and requires Parties to report on production and consumption of such ODS. The Montreal Protocol requires developing countries to control the consumption (production + import - export) of CFCs.616650
Pacific Mangroves InitiativeCompleted2297249
Pacific Islands Climate Change Assistance ProgrammeCompleted The Pacific Islands Climate Change Programme (PICCAP) is a regional 2440000
Pacific Islands Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Climate Change Adaptation: building on nature's resilienceCompleted
Legal frameworks for Ecosystem-Based Adaptation to Climate Change in the Pacific IslandsCompleted
Gap Analysis on Loss and Damage to Climate Change in selected Pacific Island CountriesCompleted To carry out a gap analysis on loss and damage issues in a cross-section of th Pacific Island Countries as a starting point to inform the development of a programme of activities on loss and damage at the regional level.65326
USAID Adaptation to Climate Change (Choiseul, Solomon Islands)Completed SPREP is implementing a USAID funded Ecosystem-based
Pacific Islands Global Climate Observing SystemCompleted The Pacific Islands-
PACC+ Australia - UNDP-SPREP Partnership Programme for the Pacific Adaptation to Climate ChangeCompleted PACC+ -€“ a multi-funded project is implemented by UNDP in partnership with the 7,348,242
Pacific Cost Benefit Analysis InitiativeCompleted
The Pacific - Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning Program (PACCSAP)Completed The PACCSAP programme (2011-2015) supported 14 Pacific Island countries to build resilience to current and future 32,000,000
Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC)Completed The Project aims at providing a substantive contribution to integrate longer-term 20948082
Pacific Adaptation Strategy Assistance Program (PASAP)Completed The Pacific 12,000,000
RESCCUE : Restoration of ecosystem services and adaptation to climate changeCurrent Background
Samoa-Australia Partnership for Development: Climate ChangeCompleted4000000
Water catchment and storage facilitiesCompleted1205312
Pacific Center for Environment and Sustainable Development - Climate Change Adaptation in the Rural Communities of Fiji Project (AusAID)Completed301328
Kiribati Adaptation Program Phase II - Pilot Implementation PhaseCompleted
Finalisation of New DRM Arrangements and Legislation - FijiCompleted75,332
Vegetation and land cover mapping and improving food security for building resilience to a changing climate in Pacific island communitiesCompleted4000000
Disaster Risk Reduction - PalauCompleted1503535
Capacity Building for the Development of Adaptation Measures in Pacific Island Countries ProjectCompleted The 2200000
Babeldaob Water Supply Project: Palau (TA4977 - PAL) Completed70000
Adaptive capacity studyCompleted17548
A study on indigenous agricultural knowledge in the PacificCompleted
'Forests of the Pacific islands: Foundation for a sustainable future'Completed
Pacific Storms Climatology ProductsCompleted Pacific Storms is focused on improving our understanding of patterns and trends of storm frequency and intensity - storminess - within the Pacific region.
Enhancing Resilience of Rural Communities to Flood and Drought-Related Climate Change and Disaster Risks in the Ba Catchment Area of FijiCompleted The overall objective of the project is to replicate successful interventions in the Ba catchment and fully integrate 5728800
Piloting Climate Change Adaptation to Protect Human Health (in Fiji)Completed In Fji: The principal expected benefit for the
Preparedness for Climate Change ProjectCompleted The aim of this program was for the Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies in countries particularly vulnerable to
REDD Measuring, Reporting & Verfication (MRV) and Monitoring capacities developmentCompleted
Remote sensing mapping using Geographic Information System to map forest cover, agriculture, pasture, mangroves, plantations, coral reefs and water bodies and biodiversity.Completed Such maps will allow the identification of the volume and location of specific agricultural products such as -€“ for example -€“ bread fruit and pandanus – which are critical to Pacific island 4000000
Seeds for NeedsCompleted
Technical Support Project for Pacific Islands GUANCompleted The
University of the South Pacific-EU Global Climate Change Alliance projectCompleted Through a site selection process of the most vulnerable island, the project will provide the opportunity to the country to case the use of tested methods of community engagement in the
Synergistic Impacts of Global Warming and Ocean Acidification on Coral ReefsCurrent
Implementation of the Regional Early Warning Strategy (REWS)Current15066
Samoa Power Sector Expansion ProjectCompleted1000000
Nansen InitiativeCompleted The Nansen Initiative is a state-led, bottom-up consultative process intended to build consensus on the
Milk and beef projectCompleted94000
Integration of Climate Change Risk and Resilience into Forestry ManagementCompleted2500000
EU/UNESCAP/ILO/UNDP Enhancing the Capacity of Pacific Island Countries to Address the Impacts of Climate Change on MigrationCompleted The ILO works with partners to provide technical assistance and build the capacity of its constituents to protect migrant workers and manage migration flows effectively.
Enhancing Resilience of Communities of Cook Islands through Integrated Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management MeasuresCompleted4991000
Cities and Climate Change Initiative Asia PacificCompleted
ADAPT Asia-PacificCompleted The principal objective of ADAPT Asia-Pacific is to establish a fully functional and self-sustaining
Programme of Action for Adaptation to Climate Change USD$200,000
Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme Proposed More information on this project coming soon. 6500000
Agricultural Food Crops DevelopmentProposed Food crop production is known to be critically dependent on the quality and quantity of soil moisture and ground water. Seasonal variability of precipitation, prolonged droughts, more efficient evaporation-transpiration, and occasional seawater over-wash have localized serious impacts on crop production and threatened the very livelihood of the people.1627548
Application of Latest IPCC Climate Models to Forecast Possible Marine Ecosystem Changes in the North Pacific Over the 21st CenturyProposed
Carry out agrobiodiversity case study in Mauke to record baseline agrobiodiveristy as well as community observations regarding the climate and crop perfromamceCompleted
Climate Change and the Southern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclones ProjectCompleted 75332
Coastal and Marine Resources Management in the Coral Triangle of the Pacific (under the Pacific Alliance for Sustainability Program and the Coral Triangle Initiative)Completed 27568183
Coastal Zone Management and Resilience Enhancement for AdaptationProposed
Collect bathymetric and topographic baseline data to assess possible locations of alternative cruise ship tender landing sites on RarotongaCompleted Also completed was hydrographic work for the Ports Authority to assess possible locations of alternative cruise ship tender landing sites on Rarotonga. OIP has also partnered with NIWA to develop a comprehensive geospatial framework to inform
Collecting near-shore bathymetry, topographic and oceanographic dataCompleted
Collection of oceanographic data and the development of a benthic habitat map of Muri LagoonCompleted
Combatting Coral Bleaching and Ocean AcidificationCompleted Management techniques that prevent bleaching of limited reef areas are the only direct interventions known that might reduce coral mortality due to
Community-Based Adaptation ProgrammeCompleted 4500000
Cook Islands Infrastructure Development Project (Phase 2) - Increasing Climate Resilience of Island InfrastructureProposed Proposed to the SCCF = $5,000,000; Proposed co-fin = $16,100,000 (ADB agency) 16100000
Coral Reef Restoration, Monitoring, and Stock EnhancementProposed
Desktop review of existing data and information holdings of SOPAC related to the Muri LagoonCompleted
Develop a comprehensive geospatial framework to inform climate change adaptation in the coastal zone of selected areas of Mangaia IslandCompleted This study is designed to provide timely and actionable geospatial information for the management and planning in the coastal zone of Mangaia Island.
Develop a National REDD Strategic Action Plan (= R-Plan)Completed
Develop policy and legislations on forest carbon and REDD+Completed
Developing a Method for Adaptive Management and Protection from Climate Change in Mangrove and Coral Reef EcosystemsCompleted Other countries invovled in this project are Cameroon and Tanzania. Additional information is required for this project in Fiji.
Developing J-NAP ( an integrated approach to reduce risks including through joint disaster tisk management (DRM) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) PLAN Completed In October 2010 SOPAC/SPC commenced support to the Cook Islands on the development of a Joint DRM and
Developing the Capacity to Better Predict the Composition of Reef Communities in a Future of Intensifying Climate Change Based on the Analysis of Symbodinium CommunitiesCompleted
Disaster Risk Reduction (Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission) - Federated States of MicronesiaCompleted 1913590
Disaster Risk Reduction (SOPAC) - PNGCompleted 4510605
Disaster Risk Reduction (SOPAC) - TongaCompleted 1110000
Disaster Risk Reduction (SOPAC) - TuvaluCompleted 700000
Disaster Risk Reduction - NauruCompleted 683425
Disaster Risk Reduction - RMICompleted 820110
Distribute climate ready crops from CEPACT for climate change evaluation Completed
Duck/Poultry ProjectCompleted 54000
Economics of Adaptation to Climate ChangeCompleted
Emergency Assistance Project Solomon IslandsCompleted 9750000
Enabling Activity for the Preparation of Tuvalu’s Second National Communication to the UNFCCCCompleted The project will enable Tuvalu to prepare its Second 405000
Enabling Kiribati Effective Participation at Regional and International Forums on Climate ChangeProposed
Establish Evaluation sites in Cook islandsCompleted
EU-USP Support to the Global Climate Change Alliance through capacity building, community engagement and applied research in the PacificCompleted The Global Climate Change Alliance is an initiative of the European Union, launched in 2007 and coordinated by the
Fisheries Partnership AgreementCompleted 653355
Food security in the Pacific and East Timor and its vulnerability to climate changeCompleted This report was produced by a multidisciplinary team consisting of staff of the
Hydrodynamic modelling and habitat mapping of Aitutaki Lagoon and boat channelCompleted Bathymetry, oceanographic data and benthic habitat data and Hydrodynamic (HD) model of the lagoon collected and processed to support detailed investigation of the performance of proposed boat channel design changes as well as improved understanding of flow regimes in the lagoon. Bathymetry and oceanographic data collected and HD model and habitat map developed.
Illiterate Rural Women Solar Electrifying their own Villages Pacific Island InitiativeProposed 50000
Increasing Resilience of Coastal Areas and Community Settlements to Climate ChangeCompleted 8196000
Increasing Resilience to Climate Change and Natural HazardsCompleted 6210000
Integrated Water Resource ManagementCompleted 3827180
Integrated Water Resources ManagementCompleted
Integrating Climate Change Risks into the Agriculture and Health Sectors in SamoaCompleted 2100000
Kiribati Adaptation Project Phase 2Completed 92174481
Kiribati Government Second Communication under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Mainstreaming Environmental Considerations in Economic and Development Planning Processes in Selected Pacific Developing Member CountriesCompleted A country environmental analysis (CEA) will be prepared as an input to the country strategy and program (CSP). The CEA will provide the background information necessary for informed decision making on environmental constraints, needs, and opportunities in developing member countries (DMCs), including those that impinge upon poverty partnership agreements, as appropriate.
Mainstreaming Gender Aspects in Climate Change Adaptation and Low-Carbon DevelopmentCompleted   
National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) - The Pacific Community Focussed Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction ProjectCompleted 1931965
Pacific Hydrological Cycle Observing System (HYCOS) ProjectCompleted
Pacific Island Climate Prediction ProjectCompleted 3000000
Pacific Islands Climate Prediction Project (Phases 1 and 2)Completed 3000000
Pacific Islands Energy Policy and Strategic Action Planning Completed The Pacific Islands Energy and Strategic Action Plan is structured across ten key sections of the Pacific Islands Energy Policy (PIEP).1700000
Pacific Islands Renewable Energy ProjectCompleted The Pacific Islands Renewable Energy Project [PIREP] is a GEF/UNDP-funded regional 811000
Papua New Guinea Disaster Risk Management and Climate Adaptation ProgramCompleted
Papua New Guinea's Response to Cyclone GubaCompleted 97300000
Papua New Guinea/European rural water supply & sanitation Completed 1060675
Peer-reviewed publication of preliminary IPCC A2 and B1 scenarios for skipjack and bigeye published - Scientific paper on establishing monitoring for climate change affects oceanic ecosystems (AUSAID)Completed
Pilot project on Climate Change sensitive resource mangementCompleted
PNG-Smallholder Agriculture DevelopmentCompleted 2750000
PNG/European rural water supply & sanitation Completed 1060675
PNG/Strengthening Oxfam's disaster response capacityCompleted 31637
Power Sector Development Plan (ADTA4932 PNG) Completed 630000
Preparing the Renewable Power Sector Project Completed 930000
Project for Improvement of Sarakata River Hydroelectric Power StationCompleted 13504
Project Profile 3: Climate Health Cooperation Program ProjectProposed The establishment of ‘climate & health’ awareness, training, database and research programs amongst the wider community through 620000
Promoting Energy Efficiency in the PacificCompleted Project Data Sheet (PDS): Details Description
Protecting Island Biodiversity and Traditional Culture in Pacific Island Communities Through Community-based Climate Risk Assessment and ManagementCompleted
Rarotonga ‘Hot Spot’ Wind Resource Assessment ProjectCompleted 25000
Reforestation, Rehabilitation and Community Forestry Fire Prevention ProjectProposed  The impacts of coastal erosion from sea level rise and 417500
Regional Catalogue of Rivers (CoR)Completed
Regional Partnerships for Climate Change Adaptation and PreparednessCompleted 1000000
Renewable Energy / NSA (Palau Community Action Agency) - PalauCompleted 410055
Rice ReviltalizationCompleted 80000
Samoa/Disaster preparedness project Completed 52828
Samoans Turn to Traditional Housing as Sanctuary from Climate RisksCompleted RATIONALE: In Samoa a solution to the problem of increasing 199000
Sanitation and Drainage Project (Phase II) Completed 13504000
Severe Weather Forecasting and Disaster Risk Reduction Demonstration ProjectCompleted As Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and Ensemble Prediction Systems (EPS) improve, many NMHSs, especially those of developing countries, seek similar benefits to meteorological services. In particular, for the provision of advisories and warnings of severe weather events with increased lead-times, already being realized by other (mainly developed) countries.
Simple Well ImprovementProposed 347000
SISEP - Solomon Islands Sustainable Energy ProjectCompleted 753320
Strengthening Disaster Recovery Planning & coordination Solomon IslandsCompleted 800000
Strengthening the Capacity of Pacific Developing Member Countries to Respond to Climate Change (Phase 1)Completed The other country invovled in this project is Timor-Leste.  4965000
Support for agrobiodiversity and climate change studyCompleted 18726
Support for evaluating crops and varieties for tolerance to water-loggingCompleted 56053
Support taro improvement program to Breed taro for good performance in drought conditions (for countries susceptible to taro leaf blight due to projected climatic change)Completed
Surveying Reefs for ResilienceCompleted Using various data collection tools, examining the impacts of various factors affecting the resistance and resilience of coral reefs to mass bleaching.
Teacher’s Solar Lighting ProjectCompleted 992000
The costs and benefits of introducing standards and labels for electrical appliances in Pacific Island countriesCompleted It is estimated that 7 million out of the 10 million people living in Pacific Island countries and territories still do not have access to any form of electricity. Therefore, the region has largely concentrated on generating extra electricity.
The Project for Provision of Solar Power Generation System to Funafuti Atoll Completed 527500
The Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) model in FijiCompleted 140000
Training programme for meteorologyCompleted 100000
Tuvalu Sustainable Energy InterventionsCompleted The Tuvalu Sustainable Energy Interventions initiative aims to Improve public awareness on energy conservation and 20000
U.S. Support Program to the Coral Triangle InitiativeCompleted
U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands Regional Gap Analysis for Hazard Planning ImplementationCompleted 1) To develop a multi-dimensional gap analyses to determine how to implement science into the community in order to improve hazard resiliency. 2) To develop an analysis that is flexible and can be used for different regions of the Pacific. 3) To test the analyses for two geographically diverse areas – Kauai, Hawaii and the U.S. Marshall Islands.
Upgrading, Restoring, Enhancing Resilience of Coastal Defenses and CausewaysProposed This project aims to prevent encroaching
Vanuatu - Strengthening Oxfam's disaster response capacityCompleted 10547
Vulnerability and Adaptation InitiativeCompleted
“Freshwater under Threat – Pacific Islands” publicationCompleted
High water tide calculations in Fiji