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The Global Climate Change Alliance is an initiative of the European Union, launched in 2007 and coordinated by the European Commission, aimed at strengthening dialogue and cooperation on climate change with developing countries most vulnerable to climate change and supporting their efforts to develop and implement adaptation and mitigation responses.

The GCCA is a global alliance, involving a wide range of partners across the world with a focus on helping the most vulnerable developing countries to more effectively address the challenges associated with climate change.  The Pacific component of the Intra-ACP project in support of the GCCA is being implemented by the University of the South Pacific (USP) through the Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (PACE-SD).

In order to meet the challenges of climate change in 15 identified Pacific ACP countries a four year and 8 million Euro project was finalised in 2010 between the USP and the European Commission.
Now known as the USP-EU GCCA project, itsmain purpose is to develop and strengthen the Pacific ACP countries' capacity to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

This objective will be achieved through the training of national and regional experts on climate change and adaptation as well as the development and implementation of sustainable strategies for community adaptation to climate change, based on improved understanding of impacts of climate change and variability in the Pacific region.

It is also expected that the project will contribute to the establishment of a network of national and regional specialists on climate change who will support communities, governments within PACP countries, NGOs, and regional organisations in their efforts to address the effects of climate change through a long-term, sustainable approach.

The USP-EU GCCA project involves a wide range of partners across the region it works in. Collaboration with development partners have taken various forms and this includes participation in policy dialogues with regional governments, educational institutions, global and international bodies, financial contributions to special national, regional and international forums as well as technical contributions for implementation.

The main global and regional partners associated with the USP-EU GCCA project include the following:

Regional Partners:

Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) 
Secretariat of the Pacific Community 
Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat 
WWF South Pacific Programme Office

Global Partners

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 
World Meteorological Organisation

Project Status
Start Date
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
End Date
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Component 1: Capacity Building