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Goal: To support the climate information services value chain with technical and financial assistance, infrastructure and capacity building. This will ultimately result in improved access and use of climate information and enable the use of climate services and applications for decision-making at all levels in the Pacific region.

Target Sector: Agriculture (including Fisheries) and Disaster Risk Reduction


  1. Structured interaction between the users, researchers and climate services providers
  2. Effectively guaranteed provision of climate services at regional and national level
  3. Improved access to climate information
  4. Enhanced capacity to generate and apply climate information and products
  5. Enhanced climate informed decision-making and mainstreamed climate services into policy processes at regional and national level
Project Status
Start Date
Friday, January 1, 2021
End Date
Wednesday, December 31, 2025
Four years
Short Title
Pacific ClimSA
Project Type
Project Scope