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The Project aims at providing a substantive contribution to integrate longer-term climate change risks into development and resource management planning in the Pacific through:Focusing on enhancing the resilience of current development activities to the impacts of long term climate change;Incorporating adaptation to climate-change risks and related vulnerabilities into existing institutional and decision-making processes ("mainstreaming"), at both the community level and the national planning level;Recognizing the role of gender-sensitive approaches in enhancing communities' resilience, through community-based ("bottom-up") vulnerability assessment and participatory adaptation planning approaches;Promoting a real community engagement in the processes addressing climate-related risk; Delivering tangible adaptation measures through practical demonstration projects at selected pilot sites; and Selecting a foundation for a strategic approach to replicate and upscale adaptation at the Pacific regional level.

Project Status
Start Date
Thursday, January 1, 2009
End Date
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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Project Scope
Project Objectives

To reduce vulnerability and increase adaptive capacity to the adverse effects of climate change in key development sectors identified by 14 participating countries and territories in the Pacific. The key sectors identified are: 1. Coastal Zone Management 2. Food Production and Food Security 3. Water Resource Management

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