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The global environment and development goal of PIGGAREP is the reduction of the growth rate of GHG emissions from fossil fuel use in the Pacific Island Countries (PICs) through the removal of thebarriers to the widespread and cost effective use of feasible renewable energy (RE) technologies. The specific objective of the project is the promotion of the productive use of RE to reduce GHG emission by removing the major barriers to the widespread and cost-effective use of commercially viable RE technologies (RETs).  PIGGAREP consists of various activities whose outputs will contribute to the removal of the major barriers to the widespread utilization of RE technologies (RETs). The project is expected to bring about in the PICs:

(1) Increased number of successful commercial RE applications; 

(2) Expanded market for RET applications;

(3) Enhanced institutional capacity to design, implement and monitor RE projects;

(4) Availability and accessibility of financing to existing and new RE projects;

(5) Strengthened legal and regulatory structures in the energy and environmental sectors; and,

(6) Increased awareness and knowledge on RE and RETs among key stakeholders.

Project Status
Start Date
Friday, October 19, 2007
End Date
Wednesday, December 31, 2014
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