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  • To increase adaptive capacity of communities to cope with climate impacts;
  • To bolster food security, natural resource management, water security, and general health in order to increase the resilience of rural communities and protect their livelihood from climate-related damage.

Project Summary

Samoa has been proactive in assessing climate change impacts, vulnerabilities, and adaptation options. Several nationwide climate resilience projects are currently being implemented across Samoa; almost all have components that target enhancing climate resilience of coastal resources and communities. However, few resources are allocated to institutions that directly build the capacity of communities to understand the science of climate change so they can fully implement their own climate change adaptation initiatives and processes.

This project trains community-based organizations across Samoa to assess the climate change risks and options for managing forests and coastal resources, protecting biodiversity, and ensuring food security. This approach facilitates the restoration of healthy ecosystems that support the livelihoods of communities. After the training, communities can then sustainably design, manage, and implement their own village climate change adaptation projects. This project also includes mentoring support for the development and implementation of village climate change adaptation plans, which should be aligned with national plans and strategies.

In addition to promoting the co-benefits of food and water security, natural resource management, and livelihoods, the climate change adaptation initiatives to be introduced to the community will also focus on the population’s immediate safety during disasters, building on previous disaster risk management projects.

See factsheet for full details.

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24 months
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