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Objectives: This programme’s objective is to strengthen the ability of Pa Enua, and all Cook Island communities, to make informed decisions and manage anticipated climate change driven pressures in a proactive, integrated and strategic manner. To accomplish this goal, the programme aims to help strengthen national institutions, enhance coordination of efforts at the national level, and ensure more effective delivery of national initiatives at island and community level. Another focus will be on ensuring that staff in the relevant national agencies and organizations have the ability to support island and community development initiatives that build resilience to climate change. The programme also plans to produce a framework for the delivery of reliable and targeted information on the impacts of climate change on terrestrial, marine, and coastal ecosystems in the Pa Enua. Each of the 11 inhabited Pa Enua will produce integrated climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction action plans to guide the implementation of the climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction measures. Community-based climate-change adaptation and disaster risk reduction measures will be implemented in relation to crop production, coastal protection, fisheries, tourism, and health and water resources management. Lessons learned and best practices will be collated to improve the effectiveness of the initiatives.

Project Status
Start Date
Wednesday, July 4, 2012
End Date
Monday, July 4, 2016
5 years
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Project Objectives

Operationalising and strengthening the resolve of local governments in the Pa Enua to adapt and mitigate climate change conditions affecting them.