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Increase the resilience of communities – particularly women, young people, boys and girls – to shocks, stresses and future uncertainty resulting from climate change.

Project Summary

The United Nations reported that Vanuatu, which lies on the Ring of Fire, has the greatest risk and vulnerability to natural disasters in the world. The people of Vanuatu face more frequent natural disasters and experience a wide range of hazards including cyclones, floods, and droughts. Moreover, a study by the Asian Development Bank ranked Vanuatu second-highest among Pacific countries’ economic losses from climate change, with the agriculture sector primarily affected. With over two-thirds of the population largely dependent on subsistence agriculture, climate change poses a significant risk to the wellbeing and livelihoods of women, men, and young people.

International in Vanuatu, in partnership with Save the Children, will support climate change adaptation activities to improve the resilience of selected districts in two provinces in Vanuatu to climate impacts. This project will leverage the community-based adaptation projects that CARE had implemented in the past, including: the empowerment of women and youth in climate change planning; increased rural community access to climate and weather information; rural community adoption of climate-sensitive agricultural practices; and natural resources management. These inputs resulted in the introduction of home gardens, crop diversification, water harvesting, seed saving practices, and piloting of climate-resilient and disease-resistant crops. This PACAM-supported project will further advance climate change awareness and innovation, and improve the ability of communities, local civil society, and the government, to plan and take long-term action in response to climate risks affecting Vanuatu.

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