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"Cyclone Evanda" hits Lauli'i [Samoa] 2015 Pacific Disaster Net

Author(s): Quintos, Brenden Kim

Samoa Observer News, 30 January 2015. At exactly 10am yesterday in the coastal village of Lauli’i, the bell was rung signalling the coming of Cyclone Evanda. The streets were filled with people runn...

$0.5m relief for families 2012 Pacific Disaster Net

Author(s): Malo, Maciu

Fiji Times News, 8 May 2012. Red Cross Nadi branch has spent more than $0.5million for flood-affected residents in Nadi, says president Doctor Mohammed Yunus. He said the fund was directed to more tha...

$1 million Australian support for Tonga 2009 Pacific Disaster Net

3/10/09. Australia is providing a $1 million package of support to help relief and recovery efforts on the island of Niuatoputapu. This assistance is being provided at the request of the Government of...

$1 million for relief supplies [Solomon Islands] 2013 Pacific Disaster Net

Author(s): Dawea, Elliot

Solomon Star News, 8 February 2013. The Solomon Islands National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has approved $1 million to be used for relief supplies to assist the tsunami victims in Temotu confir...

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