Sub Seasonal and Seasonal Forecasting

The sub-seasonal to seasonal timescale provides a unique opportunity to capitalise on the expertise of the weather and climate research communities, and to bring them together to improve predictions on a timescale of particular relevance to the Global Framework for Climate Services (World Meteorological Organisation, 2012).

  • Based on Climate Forecast System (CFSv2) data product, ground observations, and remote sensing
  • Translate into broad use of the resulting information in decision-making
  • Risk based  seasonal climate forecasting technologies
  • Link with endusers’ needs and interests, while considering the broader contexts and practical constraints of everyday lives
  • Customizable local interpretation and report

Critical climate variables updated every ten days from the latest CFSv2 downscaled model outputs:

  • Precipitation anomalies
  • Temperature anomalies
  • Potential evapotranspiration deficit anomalies
  • Wind anomalies
  • Other variables available upon request.

Updated Every Ten Days

The team at ExtendWeather ingests global data that is generated four times every day. Every ten days there are 40 global runs that we then process to generate a ten day update of our forecast maps. That means there is an ensemble of 40 model runs we draw upon and then downscale using proprietary methods to generate the high quality five kilometre resolution maps we supply. 

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