SimCLIM is a software tool designed to facilitate the assessment of risks from climate change for sustainability officers, consultants, policy makers, academics, non-governmental and governmental organizations and students.

SimCLIM uses the latest CMIP5 climate data. Maps, graphs and charts of various aspects of climate change can be generated spatially and for sites, for cities, provinces/states, nations, and the world. 

Climate variables (monthly averages)     

            precipitation (mm)

            mean temperature (°C)

            minimum temperature (°C)

            maximum temperature (°C)

            on request: solar (W/m2), relative humidity (%), wind (m/s)        

Areas (all AR5) 

            Global (0.5x0.5 degrees; ca. 50x50km) area provided with annual license

Additional cost:  all countries are available (varying resolution, most 1x1 km)

            some continents are available

            some countries include their states


            spatial scenarios (given year, emission scenario, climate sensitivity and GCMs)

site specific scenario (given location, emission scenario, climate sensitivity and GCMs)

            site specific sea level rise (with/without Vertical Land Movement)

            site data (import, browse, analytics)

            extreme events (analytics, without/with climate change)

Impact Models  

            rain water tank (site specific)

            water balance (spatial)

            coastal erosion (site specific)

            degree day (site specific & spatial)

Links for SimCLIM 2013:



            GIS (export spatial data)



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