SimCLIM for ArcGIS / Climate add-in enables ArcGIS users to produce spatial images of climate change through a quick, easy and straight-forward process. The add-in is based on 20 years of development of the standalone SimCLIM tool and uses outputs from global climate models, produced for the IPCC. Both projections of future climate, and changes compared with the baseline climate can be produced.

Climate variables (monthly averages)                 

            precipitation (mm)                     

            mean temperature (°C)             

            minimum temperature (°C)                    

            maximum temperature (°C)                   

            on request: solar (W/m2), relative humidity (%), wind (m/s)

Areas (all AR5)                         

            comes with Global (0.5x0.5 degrees; ca. 50x50km)                      

            can read all SimCLIM2013 areas                                                 


spatial scenarios (given year, emission scenario, climate sensitivity and GCMs)      

            ensembles on the fly                 

            percentile results for ensembles                                                 


            ArcGIS functionality

Tool URL