The Republic of the Marshall Islands is a small country of 29 atolls and 5 islands comprised of about 70 square miles in land area spread over an expanse of ocean in the North Pacific of more than 700 square miles. The Marshallese people have a proud history of sustainably drawing from available resources and conserving the natural environment upon which their livelihoods depend.
Kiribati is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and disasters. Its vulnerability is principally due to geological and physical features as well as inherent socio-economic characteristics. Climate change and disasters can have serious adverse impacts on the environment, the people of Kiribati and their livelihoods.
In response to international commitments and national needs, under the leadership of the Ministry of Economy, the Fijian Government has prepared this high-level strategic National Adaptation Plan (NAP) to spearhead ongoing efforts to comprehensively address climate change.

This training program aims to enhance capacities to access to

This information note provides an updated schedule of the training programs to be delivered in 2022 under the CBCRP-PCCC, and support their nomination processes and active participation.

Updates from NDC Hub.

Summary of outcomes - NDC Hub Focal Points Meeting.

- Positive, open and transparent discussions.

- Willingness to work collaboratively to overcome initial delays.


Immediate priorities:

- Appointment of a Hub Coordinator: The ToR for the position should be shared with the focal points for their dissemination.

Overview of Fiji’s Response to International Frameworks on Human Mobility in the Context of

With the continued support from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the Fijian Government has developed Fiji’s Displacement Guidelines. Distinct from the PRG, the Displacement Guidelines aims to reduce the vulnerabilities associated with displacement and consider durable solutions to prevent and minimize the drivers of displacement in affected communities in Fiji.