Cook Islands

The following activities are being supported under the European Union funded GCCA: PSIS project in Cook Islands.

Climate change adaptation project

The ‘Environmental monitoring to enhance community livelihoods and build resilience to climate change in the low-lying atolls of Cook Islands’ project is strengthening environmental monitoring capabilities in the northern Pa Enua (outer island) group of islands, focusing on Manihiki Island. The project activities will contribute to improved management of marine resources, intended to increase the resilience of pearl farmers and artisanal and small-scale commercial fishery operators to the adverse effects of climate change.

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Technical assistance with mainstreaming of climate change and improving access to climate finance

In Cook Islands, the GCCA: PSIS project has supported:

Training and capacity building

As part of the GCCA: PSIS project, several kinds of training have been delivered in Cook Islands: 

Nike Shox Deliver