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The 2nd Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) meeting of the Project for the | 17-Dec-2020
The Regional Pacific Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) Hub held its second Steering Committee meeting on November 20th, 2020 virtually through MS Teams. This meeting provided updates to the Steering Committee on the NDC Hub’s funding arrangements, recruitment, implementation of country activities as well as recent and upcoming events. | 17-Dec-2020
An inception workshop supported by the NDC Hub (hosted by GGGI, Castalia and MNRE Samoa) was carried out on 23rd November, 2020 to review Samoa’s 2015 NDC and compile the enhancement of its NDC, | 17-Dec-2020
More than 20 Year 8 students from Samoa Primary School participated in a Science Camp held at Taumeasina Island Resort on the 31st of October. The science camp was organised by Samoa Primary School management and teachers in partnership with Artificial Reefs Samoa to stimulate interests in different fields of science. | 17-Dec-2020
A 5-day virtual event organised by Vanuatu Klaemet Infomesen blong Redy, Adapt mo Protekt  (Van- KIRAP) in partnership with Vanuatu Meteorology and G | 17-Dec-2020
As the curtain fell on the 2020 Pacific Ocean, Pacific Climate Change conference (POPCCC), organisers asked of themselves, their participants, keynote speakers, and presenters, “What are the next steps we need to take from here?” | 02-Nov-2020
“The consideration of climate change needs to be a ‘must do’, not a ‘nice to have’, and we need to take every opportunity to succeed.” | 02-Nov-2020
The future of our world is turned upside down by COVID-19, yet let us not detract from a Pacific call to learn from the past and scale up | 02-Nov-2020
The story of Pacific island women leaders across six different Pacific countries working for an inclusive approach in | 28-Oct-2020
The 2020 Pacific Ocean, Pacific | 28-Oct-2020
The Seventh Pacific Island | 28-Oct-2020
Mr Nicc Moeono, a Renewable Energy engineer for Samoa’s Electric Power Corporation (EPC), will be speaking about pumped hydro energy at the third Pacific Ocean Pacific Climate Change Conference (POPCCC). | 28-Oct-2020
The Solomon Islands Meteorological Services (SIMS) is committed to their role as one of the authorities responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of mariners in the Solomon Islands, by providing Ocean and | 28-Oct-2020
The Pacific Climate Change Centre is applying new and innovative technologies to continue building Pacific capacity, opening up training opportunities for more people. | 28-Oct-2020
Pacific islands media play a crucial role in building the resiliency of our local communities, even more so as we enter the Tropical Cyclone | 28-Oct-2020
A new book, which will provide a rich exchange of diverse ideas on how to tackle | 28-Oct-2020
Over 40 youth Koko farmers are now better informed and aware of how weather and | 28-Oct-2020
La Niña is officially underway in the Pacific, as confirmed by the Pacific Meteorological Desk Partnership at the | 28-Oct-2020
Climate change experts and those who wish to learn from them will be gathering online at the third Pacific Ocean | 28-Oct-2020
23 September 2019, Apia, Samoa – The forecast increase in extreme weather events and slow-onset | 19-Oct-2020
15 September 2020, Honiara, Solomon Islands – A sub-national workshop to raise awareness and train key sub-national stakeholders to understand and correctly interpret sub-seasonal to monthly to seasonal scale, extreme rainfall and impact information in the Early Action Rainfall (EAR) Watch bulletin in order to effectively disseminate and communicate to communities was | 19-Oct-2020