The Government of Tuvalu (GoT) is undertaking a reform program to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and resilience of its overseas development assistance (ODA). This work has lead to the development of a Tuvalu National Aid Policy (2012), and updates to the Tuvalu Budget Manual (2014) and Tuvalu Government Financial Instructions (2016) – amongst other things.
To support the operation of these reforms an ODA Handbook has been developed along with a series of supporting guidance notes and tools.
This document is the supporting guidance note to assist with development of Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks for ODA project/programs. The target audience for this Guidance Note is officials from the GoT.

The Guidance Note is also intended to be used by Development Partners of GoT to assist with the process of aligning and harmonising with GoT systems – consistent with commitments under the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. The approach outlined in the Guidance Note is based on a contemporary, purposeful planning approach known as Results-Based Management. Key features of the approach include:
■■ a focus on answering the questions that are most important to GoT for its learning and strategic decision-making needs;
■■ is flexible and adaptable such that it can accommodate certain monitoring templates, reporting formats, methodologies etc as may be required by Development Partners in the short-term; and
■■ an emphasis on climate change and disaster risks. This reflects the situation in Tuvalu where climate events (e.g. extreme tide events, drought) impact on a wide range of different ODA policies
– oftentimes substantially. Moreover, in the medium-term and long-term future, these risks are expected to further increase under the effects of human-induced climate change – presenting as a major development challenge for Tuvalu (Te Kakeega III: National Strategy for Sustainable Development 2016-2020).

It is envisaged the Guidance Note will be periodically updated and improved as more experience is gathered.

Aaron Buncle
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