At the UN Convention on Environment and Development held in Rio 1992, the international community agreed on a programme to ensure the coordinated integration of sustainable development philosophies into national planning and development. The three conventions developed at the meeting (on Biological Diversity - the CBD-, climate change – the UNFCCC- and desertification – the UNCCD) call for specific policies, strategies and solutions to mitigate the loss of biodiversity, effects of climate change, and desertification in Fiji‟s case, land degradation) and to integrate those strategies and policies with sustainable development and global environmental management.

Prior to this report, stocktake reports and thematic assessment reports were prepared on the situation in Fiji for each of the conventions. The present cross-cutting report is based on those reports as well as the inputs from the stakeholders‟ consultative meetings in the three divisions.

Publication Year
2 008
Dr Patricia Kailola, Dr. Paulo Vanualailai, Mr Leone Limalevu
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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)