This report summarizes and distills the scientific literature and highlights common trends in and around the Pacific Ocean regarding threats, impacts and solutions through the review of more than 3,400 scientific articles and reports. It also reveals gaps in knowledge and areas where more natural and social science research is needed that could inform coastal and ocean policy and management. For this analysis, the Pacific Ocean was organized into seven regions representing 50 countries or territories. Results from this synthesis were vetted and verified by over 30 natural, physical, and social scientists from around the Pacific who convened in Honolulu, Hawaii in August 2008 (Appendix A). The meeting, which used the synthesis as the foundation for discussion, resulted in the creation of the document, œEcosystems and People of the Pacific Ocean €”Threats and Opportunities for Action: A Consensus Statement. This statement, which has been signed by more than 400 scientists, identifies and prioritizes key threats to the health and productivity of the Pacific Ocean, many accelerated by global climate change, for which broad consensus exists in the scientific community. It also highlights the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of these threats and outlines a €œroad map€ that identifies available solutions for these threats.

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Margaret Caldwell, Tegan Churcher Hoffmann, Stephen Palumbi, Jessica Teisch, Chelsea Tu
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Center for Ocean Solutions (COS)