This risk matrix was prepared for the ‘Tuvalu Community Biogas Project’ – a project which is being implemented with support from the Pacific Community (SPC) and German International Co-operation Agency (GIZ), and is part of a regional program funded by the European Union (EU) entitled the ‘Adapting to Climate Change and Sustainable Energy’ (ACSE) program.

The primary objective of the project is to increase the supply of energy to Tuvalu communities from biogas technologies. The key strategies comprise:
■■ demonstration of biogas system installation and operation at the household scale;
■■ a biogas “how to toolkit” which will cover all relevant technical information needed by households (and Falekaupule and Kaupule) to source, install, operate and maintain the biogas system;
■■ formal technical vocational trainings on the installation, operation and maintenance of the technology; and
■■ scientific technical report on methane production from the technology.

The expected useful life of a biogas system is 20–30 years.

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