Consistent with the need for more cross-sectoral interactions among the various stakeholders working in the field of climate change adaptation in coastal areas and communities, the aims of the “SYMPOSIUM ON CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACTS AND ADAPTATION STRATEGIES IN COASTAL COMMUNITIES” are:

i. to discuss the influences of, the damages and the threats posed by climate change to estuaries and coastal communities;

ii. to introduce approaches, methods, initiatives and projects which demonstrate how coastal communities can successfully meet the challenges climate change poses to them. Here, an emphasis will be on the latest research, but also on infra-structure projects, demonstrations on the use of technologies and natural and artificial means to reduce the impacts of extreme events and sea level rise to coastal communities;

iii. to introduce funding schemes and mechanisms which can finance climate change adaptation in coastal areas and

iv. to network the participants, disseminate examples of best practice and foster collaboration in this very important field.

Last but not least, a further aim of the event will be to document and disseminate the wealth of experiences available today. To this purpose, the book “Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Strategies in Costal Communities" will be published, with all accepted papers. This will be a further volume of the award-winning book series “Climate Change Management” published by Springer, which since its creation in 2008 has become the world´s leading book series on climate change management. The decision of the editors as to which papers may be selected and undergo peer review for the book is final.

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), the International Climate Change Information Programme (ICCIP), ADRIA Samoa.
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