This is a very detailed guide including advice on how to start the project, such as information on the selection of a timeline, on how to decide how many people are needed, on how to find partners and securing resources. Rich information on scheduling a planning meeting, selecting participants, setting agendas, time frames and division of labour is also provided, together with practical advice on how to prepare and organize a workshop. A section of the guide provides readers with suggestions on how to analyse data and another one is focused on moving from theoretical research to action, by sharing data with other women, other organisations and communities, and with media. The annex section is rich with very useful examples of meeting and workshop agendas, definitions of key terms and examples of evaluation forms, and includes a long list of references and a series of personal stories told by women who experienced community vulnerabilities.

Publication Year
2 003
Elaine Enarson, Lourdes Meyreles, Marta Gonzalez, Betty Hearn Morrow, Audrey Millings, Judith Soares
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Physical Description
International Hurricane Center, Florida International University