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The CCF was established in May 2008 to facilitate greater investment in developing member countries (DMCs) to effectively address the causes and consequences of climate change. The CCF is a key mechanism for pooling resources within ADB to address climate change through technical assistance (TA) and grant components of investment projects.
Global Funding Allocation (Donor Currency)
USD $74,000,000
Global Funding Allocation (USD)
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Contact Details
For Clean Energy: Priyantha Wijayatunga, Principal Energy Specialist ([email protected])For Adaptation: Cinzia Losenno, Senior Climate Change Specialist ([email protected]) Fund Manager: Preety Bhandari, Director, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Division, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department.
Application Procedure
All DMCs are eligible for CCF resources. Project proposals are submitted by ADB’s Dept. for Climate Change Steering Committee (CCSC) in ADB for CCF support. The CCSC reviews and makes recommendations on the applications for CCF allocation. Applications are reviewed in six batches and are due on 31 January, 31 March, 31 May, 31 July, 30 September, and 30 November.
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