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The Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF) was established to support a work programme to assist Least Developed Country Parties (LDCs) carry out, inter alia, the preparation and implementation of national adaptation programmes of action (NAPAs). The Global Environment Facility (GEF), as an operating entity of the Financial Mechanism of the Convention, has been entrusted to operate this Fund through decision 27/CP.7.
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Estimated USD $628.15 million disbursed
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Mr. Rawleston Moore - [email protected]
Application Procedure
Apply for Funding. In most cases, the GEF provides funding to support government projects and programs. Governments decide on the executing agency (e.g. civil society organizations, private sector companies, and research institutions). There are many issues to consider when seeking GEF funding. Who should I contact? Is my country/organization eligible for funding? Who will implement the project? What type of project should I consider? To help with these and other questions, please see, which has information about Eligibility Criteria, Choice of GEF Agency , Types of Projects and Operational Focal Points.
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