The Pacific Climate Change Centre (PCCC) is set to launch its new online e-learning platform on Friday 12 March, 2021.

The PCCC is the regional centre of excellence for information, training, and research on climate change in the Pacific. A vital component of the PCCC’s work and contribution to Members and the public is its ability to provide, coordinate and facilitate capacity-building and training. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the ability of the Centre to deliver its regional and national workshop, which led to the PCCC exploring the viability and options of formalising an online e-learning platform, as part of its service. 

The PCCC online e-learning platform will see the utilisation of both electronic and online technologies to deliver and access education, training, and workshops on climate change, remotely. It will host various courses such as Executive Courses, Open Learning Short Courses, Children’s Education Corner and Webinar Series. 

The platform uses the cloud-based services of Moodle – which can cater for 1,000 users at any one time. It has also identified a suite of at least 18 courses from current Climate Change Resilience programme projects that can be delivered through the platform. 

"We're really excited about what this launch represents for our Pacific islands region," said Ms 'Ofa Ma'asi-Kaisamy, Manager of the Pacific Climate Change Centre. 

"We look forward to working with you all to build an understanding of climate change across our Pacific islands. This is our very first Climate Change Moodle, and it definitely won't be our last. We hope you all  join us and be part of this PCCC milestone."

The online e-learning platform is currently uploading materials of previous online courses conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency in 2020 and building the next course. It is also in the process of seeking accreditation from the Samoa Qualifications Authority as an informal education and training centre. 

For more information, please contact Ms ‘Ofa Ma’asi-Kaisamy, Pacific Climate Change Centre Manager, at [email protected] or [email protected]