SPC Website, 18th October 2018

Training for development practitioners in Kiribati has been completed this week focusing on  boosting monitoring and evaluation (M&E) capacity to support the country’s work in climate change and disaster risk management

Much of the critical work that is driving the region’s efforts in addressing climate change and helping Pacific countries such as Kiribati prepare better for disaster is supported by the need for robust understanding and application of monitoring and evaluation methods and tools.  This training focused on how monitoring and evaluation can bolster the implementation of sector based plans, including national, regional and global climate change and disaster risk resilience policy frameworks.

Data Analyst, Robert Karoro from the Climate Change Unit, Office of the Berentitenti (OB) said the training was very useful as part of his work is to analyse information being collected from Kiribati’s Integrated Vulnerability Assessment (KIVA) currently underway in the outer islands.

"I found the workshop informative and useful. The tools and resources provided are useful in my line of work which is analysing data,” he said. Similar sentiments were shared by Environment Health Inspector Maritaake Ioane, Ministry of Health & Medical Services “I have learned something new and will be expecting to apply everything I have learned in every project in my work.”

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