Samoa Observer, 4th November 2018

A project that assisted villagers to grow climate change-resilient crops has closed after a six-month implementation program.

A ceremony to mark the closing of the Civil Society Support Programme (C.S.S.P.) at Ulutogia was held on Saturday. The project involved 35 families and focused on the cultivation of three main crops umala (sweet potatoes), manioka (cassava) and ufi (yam), which are considered resilient to cyclones and other natural disasters. 

The project ran for six months and its conception was based on feedback from the Ulutogia villagers. The $50,000 funding support came from the C.S.S.P. with the village contributing $20,000 of their own. 

A villager, Tualemoso Faafetai, 48, said that each family had four fences, which measured 200 meters in length and were built around their houses. 

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