Fiji Sun Online 15th May 2018

The Ministry of Agriculture with assistance from the Food and Agriculture Or­ganisation (FAO) is working to improve climate risk identifica­tion and management.

Given that Fiji was listed in a 2014 UN World Risk Report as one of the 15 most exposed countries to natural hazards, the ministry continues to ensure consistent development in the agriculture sector.

Implementing a disaster resil­ient plan where Fiji builds back stronger is a priority in this three-year project.

“Disasters will always be there and will be part of our society, un­fortunately it is something that we cannot avoid. But something we can do – is to prepare well, prepare better for the future,” Minister for Agriculture Inia Seruiratu said.

“Not only in terms of our devel­opment programme, but most im­portantly in post disaster when we deal with recovery as well.”

In order to be effective and cor­rectly identifying the risks that are involved is vital.

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