An inception workshop supported by the NDC Hub (hosted by GGGI, Castalia and MNRE Samoa) was carried out on 23rd November, 2020 to review Samoa’s 2015 NDC and compile the enhancement of its NDC, development of its NDC Implementation Roadmap and an NDC Investment Plan with project pipeline. This workshop brought in experts from relevant national Ministries to fact-check and establish a baseline of data (and source for this data) to be used for informing the national documents currently under preparation.

Samoa’s first NDC (submitted in 2015) focussed on reducing emissions in the electricity sector. The 2015 NDC states that Samoa is:“committed to reducing its [greenhouse gas] GHG emissions from the Electricity sub sector through the adoption of a 100% Renewable energy target for electricity generation through to the year 2025.”

The workshop identified gaps in Samoa’s NDC goals and implementation status whereby Samoa’s current NDC does not include specific goals for any sector other than electricity. It also does not specify how the reduction of emissions should be done in other sectors other than the electricity sector, and there were also no targets set for these other sectors.

Opportunities to enhance Samoa’s NDC resulted in a pipeline of projects intended to provide an early indication of the emission reductions possible in Samoa, which will help determine the country target specified in the enhanced NDC. The proposed projects were identified by sector experts, as well as through a desktop review conducted by Castalia, and stakeholder consultations.