Samoa Observer 8th April 2018

A total of 332 volunteers graduated after with certificates in Community Disaster Preparedness Training on Friday. The graduation ceremony, held at the Tu’utu’uileloloto Hall, marked the end of a six months training conducted by Caritas Samoa. 

Caritas Samoa Programme Manager, Fuatino Muliagatele Ah-Wai, who presented the volunteer training report, said the Programme is part of their community outreach programme. “This is one of the initiatives by the Caritas Samoa to help minimise the impact of natural disasters in Samoa by training community volunteers,” she said.

“The training programme focuses on educating and instructing local volunteers about the right response during any natural disaster.”   “The programme went on and taught about first aid response as well as promoting a healthy living environment, which was in our first and second phase that was completed today (yesterday).”

Fuatino says the next step is going continuing with phase three of their training course, which is implementing plans about this training course in the villages.  Lagipoiva Cherelle Jackson, of the Ocean and Climate Change Manager C.I. Pacific, acknowledged Caritas Samoa on their excellent initiative and congratulated the graduates.

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